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I will Channel Your Loved Ones

I will channel the spirits your loved ones who have crossed over.

As a psychic medium, I channel people who have crossed over.

IN PERSON OR REMOTE SESSIONS - I can work with you either in person (in Asheville, North Carolina), or remotely (by phone, Skype, or Facetime).

EVIDENCE-BASED - During your session, I will talk to the souls of your loved ones who are deceased, and I will relay the messages I hear. As an "evidential" medium, I will try to relay specific details that make sense to you, so that you will be able to validate that the messages are actually from your loved ones. The types of details that often come through are things such as your loved one's personality, physical description, hobby, or even a name.

YOU SET YOUR PRICE - I charge a sliding scale from $30 to $100, based on your budget and the value you find in the session. (You choose how much to pay.) When you Schedule your Appointment, your $30 initial payment will hold your reservation. The balance is due at the time of your session. (Need to cancel? I will refund the $30 booking fee in full if you cancel or reschedule 48 hours or more in advance.) If you are done with your service you may click here to pay the balance/tip.

IN PERSON OPTIONS - If you are in the Asheville, North Carolina area (USA), then I will invite you either to my home in West Asheville (near Sunny Point Café), or some sessions may be available at Instant Karma Downtown at 36 N Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 or at (wheelchair accessible) Instant Karma West at 725 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806. Unless otherwise specified, your session will be in my home. I will provide my private home address once you have booked your session. If you would prefer one of the Instant Karma locations, please contact me before booking your session.

REMOTE OPTIONS - If you are not in the Asheville area, your session will be either by phone, Skype, or Facetime. You can specify your preference after you have booked your appointment.

WHAT IT'S LIKE - The channeling service is a lot like a normal conversation. You will have an opportunity to ask me any questions you'd like before the channeling begins. Then, when you are ready, I will begin the session. The Spirits don't inhabit my body, and I don't speak in any weird voices. The most unique thing is that I sometimes look like I'm meditating. To begin the session, I will close my eyes and breathe deeply, as I try to raise my vibration. I audibly ask your loved ones to join us. I will listen for messages and try to sense the energy. I will relay what I hear or sense. You can answer questions as I ask them or verbalize that you understand, but please do not go into detail about the situation during the session, as it is much more interesting when I bring up information that I couldn't have known otherwise.

WHAT TO BRING (OPTIONAL) - If your session is in person, you may wish to bring a few photos of your loved one and/or a personal object or two, as sometimes that can aide in the connection. If you do bring a photo, I ask that you please do not show it to me. When I am ready for it, please hand it to me face down. Sometimes I pick up on information before I turn the photo over to look at it. If your session is remote, you are welcome to email me one or two photos of your loved one ahead of time, but this is not required.

ENDING THE SESSION - After I have shared all the information and messages that I have, I will invite you to ask any other questions of me or of your loved ones. Also, once the session is complete, you are invited to share as many details as you'd like regarding your loved ones and how the messages resonated with you. At the end of the session, you can pay your balance by cash (preferred for in-person sessions) or credit card.

RECORDING ALLOWED - You are welcome to take notes or record your session for either remote or in-person sessions. I only ask that you please do not broadcast the recording to others without my written permission.


Do you have any other questions about this service? If so, just contact me. Are you ready to set up your sessoion? Please go ahead and schedule your appointment.


If you are done with your session, you may click here to pay the balance and/or leave a tip.